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Large-scale performance

DAGE Added Luster to the Performance Party of the "119" Fire Rescue Team

Time: 2021-11-17 15:05:07

On November 1, the Kunming Fire Rescue Detachment's "Banner Leads the Direction, Motto for the Loyal Soul" theme evening and the 2021 Kunming "119" Fire Fighting Publicity Month kick-off ceremony was held in Kunming.

The party was presented in various forms such as singing and dancing, sketches, poem recitations, etc. The whole performance was divided into three chapters: "loyalty", "behavior" and "love". The performance closely follows the characteristics of fire protection, closely follows the pulse of the times, and fully demonstrates the rich cultural life and good spiritual outlook of Kunming fire commanders.

At the performance site, the singing and dancing programs such as "Safety in the World", "Retrograde", and "Let Life Burn in the Sun" showed different aspects of the firefighter's firm belief that the original heart and mission were on his shoulders. The people are supreme, fighting in flames and saving people from danger, while the performance integrates fire safety knowledge and fire fighting culture into it.

Dage's A8 Profile Light and AK-3818 Optimus Prime (380W beam light) products were used at the scene.

A8 is a high-profile cutting pattern light (800W), with excellent stability, colorful and dreamlike patterns, and it has a pure color CMY color mixing system and a CTO linear adjustment color temperature system, which perfectly solves the large and medium-sized performance needs positioning light and surface light.

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