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Large-scale performance

Coco Lee world tour concert

Time: 2017-11-25 14:49:23

Coco Lee world  tour concert full of dazzle dancing and lots of fans enthusiasm .DAGE Stage Lighting AE-3318 330W 15R beam shows wonderful effects in this concert !

Seven years passed since COCO ‘s 2010 East To West world tour concert. In the passed 7 years ,Coco got married ,been the dream mentor <<Chinese good voice>>, joined the<<sound of the Chinese dream>>released  album <<blooming>>, seemed that COCO did not stand on the stage and sing a song for a long time until 2016, COCO shocked audience in songs once again as the starting line-up for competitive play <<I am a singer>>  in the fourth quarter.

COCO is the champion goddess of the Chinese music's heyday, her album sold millions.
She was the only female singer at Michael Jackson's Asian concert,the only Chinese singer in the World Cup soccer theme song,the first Chinese singer to sing at an Academy Awards ceremony.

When she appeared on the stage bloom charm again, not only let the glory days fans to see her again, also let many yong met her , audience surrender to the stage of her wild charm, struck the singing ability, and everywhere is sending out bright and confident.

Give me a stage, a microphone, and I'll give you the world.

COCO "18" world tour concert first stop is from shenzhen on May 6, 2017  and also  augur well for the tour officially start .COCO invite you to come together with happy memories and to create more in the future.







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