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Large-scale performance

2017 Bibi Zhou “Not Typical” Tour Concert

Time: 2017-11-25 15:33:07

2017 Bibi Zhou “Not Typical” Tour Concert

In 2017, Bibi launched the new album theme "Not Typical". With the same name, "2017 Bibi Not Typical Tour" was officially launched. Starting from Guangzhou on August 5, it traveled through six cities of Xi'an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai. Bring "atypical" music and live experiences to fans.

Bibi said that in 2017 the entire music section will be a highly integrated theme. No matter the album or the tour, they all hope to convey the attitude of "Not Typical", therefore, the new tour will revolve around the concept of the new album more extensively and stereoscopically.

Tour production cost generous  Stunning retro style exposure

Speaking about the production cost of the tour, Bibi said it is very expensive, but she thinks the money must be spent because the ultimate stage effect to make everyone think it is worth to buy tickets to see the concert. Bibi said:  i always want to make some retro and fashionable music, this part will be reflected in the new album. About the part of concert, i will use posters to express it visually. A retro design like this, no matter the clothing or the hairstyle are very 80s. Actually it is also a spirit of NotTypical, dont blindly follow the fashion trend, looking for the right direction.

Tour concert for 12 years debut & mysterious opening for fans in particular

In 2017, Bibi has been on the debut for 12 years, so the brand new "NotTypical" tour has a special commemoration whether for her or fans. She said: "This is an agreement between me and the fans, I hope everyone can meet together to listen to the concert if has time. The tour will not only include new album tracks, many of Bibi's classic songs will also be a new adaptation, Bibi also said that the new tour will start with a rather special approach and is specially prepared for fans.

2017 Bibi's Not Typical Tour will begin on August 5 from Guangzhou via six cities in Xi'an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai to bring "atypical" music and live experiences to fans.

The professional lighting for Bibis tour concert 2017 is from DAGE stage lighting, which is using 180pcs of AM-330 beast machine beam light 330w.








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