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Large-scale performance

DAGE Light support League of Legends 2017 World Championship

Time: 2017-11-25 16:08:41

DAGE Light support League of Legends 2017 World Championship ( Beijing Birds Nest)

From S1 to S7, the International Finals was held in Beijing Birds Nest, The three-times Champion TeamSKT fight with old team  SSG, The SKT would remain being the Champion? Or the SSG would break through and win the champion? The Final will give you the answer.

( SSG:3)(SKT: 0)!

SSG became the final winner!

Exciting competitions, passionate performance, Jay Zhou is also there for cheers......, the Bird Nest tonight would provide tens of thousands of audiences with a unique S7 Final. 

It is regret that both of China teams - RNG and WE can not enter the top 4, so miss the final in Bird Nest, However, when the competition is over, the audience are so moved for the screams for RNG team on the spot.

 SSG restoration! SKT is unable to get the fourth champion  

The First Game: Cuvee is powerful, and the competition rhythm of SSG defeat next city perfectly

In the earlier stage, SSG change the lane to drive the rhythm and then pin down SKT, the well development of the Cuvee make Gnar defeated, So SSG got the score first.

The Second Game: The show time for Ambition, SSG win the march point perfectly in the tame fight.

In the beginning, SKT used his advantage to beat SSG in stalemate, However SKT took the Baron Nashor finally, SSG operated perfectly step by step and finally ended SKT.

The Third Game: Varus saved his host alone, SSG have a big overturn.

SKT used the transfer advantage of Karma to open up the situation in the beginning, But the SSG stop-loss ability is more powerful, and always resist the attack of SKT. And then SSG went advance through out the game.



LOL final is the biggest international annually Game competition, this is the highest honor in LOL career, the highest level of the gaming ability.

Regarded as the 99th sport event by General Administration of sport in China, E-sports became the most popular sport event. And the S7 final is held in the China, the country has most players of LOL.

The 7S LOL used 300pcs of DAGE AM-3020 330W Beam Beast Machine.










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