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DAGE new high-end products launch activities

Time: 2017-11-27 10:50:30

DAGE new high-end products launch activities ,feel the quality leap of DAGE stage lighting products.

DAGE Stage Lighting transformers series products "prosper the high-end products line of 2018 - 2020". New "transformers" series products get the personal guidance support in all aspects from R&D process to production, from quality control to packaging, from marketing to the users, from the core technology to the core staff  which make DAGE new products to reach a high level in all aspects .



Constantly bring forth new ideas and breakthrough.

China has grown into the world's biggest stage lighting production base.But  just a very small quantity of stage lighting manufacturers own its independent core technology, and get  full  autonomous technology  supports  from R&D , production, marketing, management, and network field.DAGE has breakthough itself  successfully and own its independent core technology, and full  autonomous technology supports after eleven years .Both the product s appearance design and  internal optics structure , have adopted the classic elements and exquisite craft which make the products more internationalization on the basis of high quality.


Quality is the base to  step toward the high end

Quality is the survival base , DAGE chief quality officer Mr Hai ,with ten years experience in quality control in stage lighting industry,  his motto is: if don't do with all your best, it is not the true need! This motto well embodies the spirit of the DAGE always pursues excellence.Mr Hai combines the practical situation of DAGE products and then establish 100 %quality management system  for DAGE . First ly,D is R&D .Secondly ,A is product.Thirdly, G is A process,Fourthly, E is quality. The  quality management system covers R&D, production, supplier management, pre-sale, sale and after-sales service which improve product quality all aroundly and quality control strictly,then achieve all products quality to the most qualitative leap.


In the time that the global stage equipment products competition increasingly  , DAGE new transformers series high-end products  come after  the chief quality officer system and will develop quickly .



DAGE bring new luxury concept of stage to global users, lead the fashion of stage lighting that " luxury, but not expensive ".The price is not expensive, but the quality must be in the standard of high-end luxury which is in line with the high cost-performance products market concept that DAGE always pursuit and users always welcomed.



As one of lighting brands in China, the quality of DAGE stage lighting products tend to mature, stable within recently two years . Now DAGE strives to achieve across from product to brand.



To create a new way of self-transcendence and breakthrough for China's light independent brand, the global market has officially started to witness and supervise the time of DAGE high quality products! 



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