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Large-scale performance

DAGE Stage Lighting products enter longnan tourism culture festival

Time: 2017-12-13 17:01:04

Longnan is a thousand hakka ancient county and it is known as "the home of the surrounding houses of the world".There are  hakka houses 376 sets in the whole county, accounting for more than 70 percent of the existing hakka houses in south jiangxi.

Longnan tourism festival was held on  December 8 ,2017 in dragon square.Chyi Chin, chusheng Chen, haoge etc domestic and oversea stars performed on stage . CCTV's famous host Zhujun hosted the whole course , marks the first longnan county tourism culture festival kicked off.

More than 600 guests were invited to attend this tourism festival including the relevant leaders from  ministries , commissions global community,  provincial government and the representatives of foreign enterprises and media guests etc

The  tourism resources of Longnan are very rich such as National scenic spot south  mountain Wudang and Taiping Bridges which in the history of the "world bridge view"
Wang yangming, known as the "master of the heart" overseas, has left many historical traces and legends on the jade stone which is called the "treasure house of the south of the Yangtze river".All these all also in longnan.


DAGE 350W Beam were adopted in longnan tourism festival




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