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Large-scale performance

DAGE products attend "One Belt And One Road" international fashion week "

Time: 2018-01-09 11:43:23

"One Belt And One Road international fashion week" silk road "cohesion festival which get attention of the whole of the entertainment industry in start period is held in guangzhou tower on 28th.December,2017 super luxurious guest lineup come to  international fashion festival Such.Zhang jizhong, zhang guoli, huang xiaoming, Donnie Yen, li yi feng, Show Lo,

Inherit the spirit of silk road and undertake communication mission
The strategy implementation of One Belt And One Road is full of opportunities and challenges. In entertainment culture, it means integration and communication."Area" of international fashion week silk road festival cohesion, to fashion culture as the carrier, connected in line with international standards of the silk road, through gathering industry elite model, to witness the power of fashion.This event is not only a fashion display, but also an exchange with international fashion.

World Fashion look at China, Say Fashion to the world
Area along the international Fashion week to "Say to the world see China  world  Fashion" as the theme, spread the international Fashion exchange value, undertake diversified world, economic globalization, cultural diversity, trend of the characteristics of social informatization, shocked the international attention, leading the world Fashion.

The silk road cohesion extravaganza, which aims to gather role models and witness the power of fashion, gathers the leading representatives of all walks of life, leading role models to embody fashionable communication and integration.

In addition, in the silk road festival on cohesion, focus on building the "silk road cohesion grand ceremony" of honor, and highest honor of "the silk road cohesion grand ceremony", encourage elites in all walks of life at the same time further spirit of passing on the silk road, carry forward the Chinese culture.

The activity adopts DAGE 380W beam 160 pcs, COB 200W 40pcs





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