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Large-scale performance

DAGE Stage Lighting Led Zhejiang Satellite TV 2018 New Years Eve Concert

Time: 2018-01-10 16:29:05

On December 30, 2017, Zhejiang Satellite TV "Leading 2018 New Year's Eve Concert" was held at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center to unveil a new high-tech heavyweight dance sound visual bells.

This concert uses 800pcs of DAGE FK-3820 Optimus Prime beam light 380w to bright up the entire dance performance in stadium.

In the design of the stage, the elements of "time", "leapfrogging" and "new technology" will be added. According to the staff, compared with last year, the stage has increased the audience's interaction and take advantage of the new technology to realize across screen. On the other hand with 800pcs of DAGE stage lighting FK-3820 beam light 380w, more dimensions to show the effect of stage shows.

Next, the editor will collect more world news one by one for everyone about it.

This year, Zhejiang Satellite TV "Leading 2018" New Year's Eve concert held in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Deng Chao, Angelababy, Li Chen, composed of "running it" brotherhood collective New Year; The Voice of Dreams group will also sing songs; the combination of S.H.E, which has not been on the same stage for many years, will also bring the audience a classic melody.

In addition to the warm return of variety, popular new forces also enjoy the release. Li Yuchun, who has devoted herself to music for these two years, will bring beautiful transcripts and sing medlay of the new songs  in the ninth album "Pop". Male version of "Dolphin Tone" Kazakhstan singer Dimash on-site Chinese and English songs take turns struck, 3D dance design will also show the effect of flying eagles, highlighting the exotic. G.E.M, William Chan and many other singer strength & popular singers will also help out the party. G20 summit finale guest "Opera Big Actress" Lei Jia, in addition to bringing a different genre, will also bring a collection of commemorative gifts donated to the Olympic Games.

Chinese music two girl groups S.H.E and Twins rarely sing on the same stage after solo, they will fit together again on the "lead 2018 concert", bringing a wave of youthful memories of skewer. It is worth mentioning that director group also carefully prepared the memory video of S.H.E. since debut, record their first draft, the first time into a group, the first time cry on the stage... in such a special way memories their growth path, the three from the previous "do not want to grow up" to today's "You were a teenager", with the song strung the audience's memory line. The same as an indispensable musical symbol in 80s & 90s memory, Jolin Tsai will also contribute stage performances.

This time, the "Leading 2018 Concert" launched the concept of "Time City", the whole stage looks like a criss-cross urban background, the CD screen resembles the city's rhythm point and looks cool and empathetic.

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