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Large-scale performance

DAGE Lighting dancing with Wowkie Zhang tour concert

Time: 2018-01-10 17:05:40

It has been 7 years since last Wowkie Zhang concert, on 19th Oct, Wowkie Zhang national tour concert “人间精品起来嗨”first station is in Beijing Workers Stadium, and his concert will make you feel Rocks-off and amazed. Wowkie Zhang is really a talent, because he will surprise you with incredible show. Unprecedented and unique show must shock you.

A fifth years old boy called Wowkie Zhang created a band and publish their works in 1998. Even though maybe you are not a fans of some stars, you must know this song  Why flower is such red is created by a underage band.

This national tour concert, Wowkie Zhang will have a tour for 10 cities such as Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai, Guangzhou……, He not only will sing the songs of 嘻唰唰, 倍儿爽, and moved songs of 泡沫 破灭, He also will show as a director, singer, DJ, comedian, sketch actor, punster, dancer…… so many characters,  in addition to that, He also show the EDM popular songs of 葫芦娃, 人际极品起来嗨”……

Can not wait to see this incredible concert? Come on!

120pcs of DAGE AM-3520 Beast Machine used in Wowkie Zhang National Tour Concert.


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