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Large-scale performance

200 pcs*FK-3820 shining in Shanghai Xintiandi-

Time: 2018-01-16 17:14:28

With 3,2,1 countdown sound the sky, 2018 was coming!. This year, on Taiping Lake of Xintiandi Shanghai, a nearly three-hour performance presenting a perfect "water festival." in the same time, Ruian Lake Green World also moved with the world, old and new owners, friends from different countries met in this old places together to celebrate the new milestone in the future.

Lliving in Taiping Lake, there is no doubt that becoming the VIP of countdown the new year in every year, in addition to the owners can enjoy the vvvip concert level.

In this grand New Year's Eve, First-line superstar such as: Coco lee, Andy lau, elva hsiao, David tao, Angela, emil chau, eason chan, hacken lee, those flashing "Chinese stars" on these Chinese music circles have all visited the countdown with everyone  to accompany everyone through the last day of 2017.

200 pcs*FK-3820 OPTIMUS PRIME-- SUPER BEAM 380W lighting up this Bright & cheerful night!


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