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Large-scale performance

“Wesing” final competition with DAGE Lighting

Time: 2018-01-20 11:45:10

The best voice in this winter – “ Wesing” final competition, will held on the 15th Jan.2018 in gymnasium of South China University.

Nationwide final competition
The competitors from eight competition areas
A musical championship will begin

The final competition will offer you a unprecedented visual feast, and will invite China famous singer and actor – Xia Hu as a honored guest to discuss some singing experiences with tormented teammates, what musical experience will Xia Hu share with tormented teammates?

In addition to that, There will be a experienced music producer, and songwriters – KENC, he will make some strict comments! And “Wesing” grand guests musicals like “张诺谦宇”, “老陈酒”…… will be there too. Such huge cast will give you unprecedented experience. Let us wait for the competition!

As a influential music competition, The “ Wesing” had a excellent achievement in 2017. In this year, hundred universities covered northeast, North China, East China, Middle China No. 1 area, Middle China No.2 area, South east, Southern China and eight areas of west east area , totally 16 cities around China, including the Peking University, Wuhan University, SJTU, SCU, Sun Yat-Sen University, TJU and other many famous universities and finally gained 8 excellent singer champions.

120pcs of DAGE FK-3820 380W Beam, 60pcs of AM-3020 330W Beam Beast Machine, 12pcs of GT-3320 330W 3 IN 1 Giant are also performing in the “ Wesing” Final Competition.



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