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Large-scale performance

DAGE Light acclaimed the CCTV, Zhejiang, Hunan TV Gala for the Dog new year

Time: 2018-03-05 10:23:27

2018 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala

In the evening of 15th,Feb. 2018, all past have gone, and New Year of Dog is coming, CCTV will offer you amazing choreography, various programs to celebrate the new year with all Chinese people. 


The CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala take “Jubilant & auspicious” as a theme, separated for 4 sessions in Guizhou, Guangdong, Shandong, and Hainan, and Beijing, realized the all Chinese people celebration.

At the beginning, the stereoscopic Chinese letter stage structure, brisk song, meaningful background combined with all kinds of programs, which offer you wonderful sense. And many famous chinese stars like four families of Shayi, Liya Tong, Chen xiao, Phoenix Legend…… congratulated for new year eve.  The most amazing thing is that, Yifeng, Jingtian, Shuying Jiang sing a song of  praise for new times

It has been 20 years, since last time Wangfei sang with Naying, these time they cooperated again for the song of time and tide, a meaningful song.

Dance king  Huang Bo, Sweaty guy Weiting Chen, Hard working man  Yixing Zhang, handsome guy for the stage.

Totally more than of 1000 pcs of DAGE Light for the CCTV spring festival gala in area of Shandong (Qufu and Taian)




2018 Zhejiang TV Spring Festival Gala

Theme:  Go for your dream and love, and celebrate wishful New Year

The 2018 Zhejiang Spring Festival Gala began on 14th Feb. 2018.


In the Spring festival Gala, Yuchun Li and Chaowei Liang were talking about their “ love play;  YiLin Cai and S.H.E have sing their memorable & classical song; even more, the laugh-making Jialing star made the stage lively.

300pcs of DAGE 380w Optimus prime celebrate for new year in Zhejiang TV .



Hunan TV 2018 Spring Festival Gala

Stars cheers for Chinese New Year

The Hunan Spring Festival Gala began at 19:30 PM, 8TH Feb.2018 lively.


Chinese famous stars like Naying, Xiaoming Huang, Dayou Luo, Bichang Zhou, Dimash took part in the Spring festival Gala, very amazing.

The language program will make belly laugh and moved;

The song and dance combined with elements of young, nationality and fashion, worth expecting.

The Gala is hosted by Wanghan, Hejiu, Lirui, Weijia Li, Qianfeng, Haitao Du, Mengchen Shen, Liangtian, Mengjia Qi, luxury video feast.

Definitely will give the Chinese people a happy new year.

200pcs of DAGE 380W Beam Optimus Prime attend the 2018 Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala.




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