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Large-scale performance

DAGE stage lights Shines at Leehom 2018 World Tour Concert

Time: 2018-04-26 14:38:55

On the night of April 14th, Leehom Wang's "Legend of The Dragon 2060" World Tour Beijing Station ended in perfect condition. After two consecutive days of music, the feast was memorable.  Leehom

 used the most dazzling choreography, the top lighting technology, and the most international production team to show different brilliances; there was a packed seat and the sea was shining, almost the first one. Classic chorus opens the door to the new world for this tour.

"Bahram" wakes up the Dragon's descendants "Yiou" descends to create a musical miracle


As the quintessence of "The Dragon's Successors", "Bahram" opened with us classics such as "The Heroes of the World" and "Uniqueness". It opened a journey for us through music and awakened us as "Dragon's "Heir people" in the inner world. Not only that, Leehom also brought us a new friend of the concerta Yulong piano Yiou that was designed by famous artist Liu Shilian and that more than 100 craftsmen spent three months of hand-carving. This special-shaped piano, the whole body of seawater dragons, the dragon proudly raised its head in central

, high-profile, coupled with the light to play in the piano body Ambilight is beautiful, especially the jade texture seems to permeate the vitality.

Leehom played it and sang many classic songs such as "A Needs to Be Accompanied" and "The Thinks You Don't Know". The scene where one person plays the piano with many butterflies turns the stage into a movie scene full of love and pictures. Created a musical miracle that every song can cause chorus.


High-tech stage shows the future of the world  Tower-shaped special screen shows the Chinese style


In addition to our new and old friends, the Grammy lighting production team to control the stage effects, dazzling stage lighting with laser technology, people at the concert scene like being placed in science fiction movies. In particular, the storyline throughout the event is thought-provoking. Let us look at the human world. Whether it is now or in the future, we can use music to feel the beauty of life. We can also use the most positive energy attitude to face life.

The huge "Pagoda" special shaped screen on the stage has also brought us shocking visual effects. As a result of the combination of Chinese and Indian architectural arts, the pagoda will have mysterious power in our hearts; a huge and movable profile on the stage. On the screen, we showed the moments of the quintessence of Beijing Opera, displayed the costumes of 56 ethnic groups, showed us the authentic Chinese cuisine, and also showed us the beautiful moments of Li Hong and all Chinese fans together. Let us feel the strong Chinese style.


Interpreting the "good man" in the new era  Career and a family double harvest

In addition to the musical influence, it also made us feel the charm of Wang Lihong as a "good man" in the new era. He uses music to change the world's love and power. He has the faithfulness to his dreams and his determination and determination. He has touched anyone's spirit and Emotional; concert content He personally participated in all the production links, always reminding himself to supervise himself to maintain the best physical condition; the strength of the dog at the concert not only confirmed the imminent arrival of his third child's music prince, but also Truth confession gave his wife a birthday blessing.

He devoted all his energy to his career, was gentle and considerate in his life, and was not relaxed on himself. He used his actions to interpret the exemplary state of the good man in the new era.

Lights sparkle in chorus evoked passions   Classic interpretations resonate with tears

At the concert, Leehom carefully selected nearly 30 classic classic songs. Among them are not only popular songs such as "The Dragon's Successors", "The Heroes of the World" and "Still Love You", but also "rear" and "A.I. Love" and other critically acclaimed albums.

Each song contains the most sincere emotions of Leehom, each song has a heart-stirring story. Heartbeat tells the most primitive emotions of human beings; Dear tells the joy and grateful of a new father; need to be accompany" & "The Things You Don't Know" Piano soloing deeply make people to tears; "fallen leaves" roots affectionate gentle chant; "our song" caused the audience to resonate, "love because in the heart" to reach the emotional at the resonance point, a large photo on the screen evoked the fans memories; One after another chorus starts.

Aftertaste of the two-day concert scene, from shock to touch, from the ear to the heart; people can not forget the scene full of audience, full of scenes; light sticks composed of light sea, cell phone lights merged into the Galaxy, two days of music feast created a music journey beyond language; and believing in the journey of the future, Wang Leehom will surely bring more surprises and impressions to us.


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