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Large-scale performance

DAGE escorts EDC Music Festival, one of the largest music festivals in the world

Time: 2018-05-23 11:25:29

From April 29th to April 30th, the EDC Music Festival, one of the world's largest electronic syllables, made its debut on Shanghai International Music Village. As one of the world's three major electronic syllables, the EDC not only brought together world-class top DJs, but also attracted tens of thousands of the most influential influxes and cool girls of the most loved shows from home and around the world.

EDC come to Shanghai!

As one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world, the 22-year-old EDC (full name Electric Daisy Carnival, Chinese name: Daisy Electric Carnival) is worthy of the oldest and largest electronic syllable of today. Two years ago, the Las Vegas station attracted 400,000 people for a pilgrimage for three days. Together with the background of the city of entertainment, it demonstrated EDC's iconic Disney-class garden tour facilities. The cool stage, the avant-garde installation art and the enthusiastic fan of fluorescent color under the table...

Today, when I want to demonstrate to friends outside the door what is an electronic music festival, I usually come up with a video of EDC Las Vegas and let them feel it directly.

Many in-depth travel and outbound travel media in China have referred to EDC as the sanctuary for "this life must go." A few years ago, it was true that we would not think that EDC would set up a sub-station in China. We feel that we are living outside the law of this global music festival. With the constant growth of China's electronic music market, local C-Pops, especially young idols, have basically had no electricity in their works. When EDC announces its arrival in Shanghai, it feels like it is expected: How do you do? Just come?

Shanghai International Music Village, EDC Shanghai 2018 arrived in May. But because I was in Guangzhou and I had other work delays, I was unable to visit the scene. Thanks to the convenience of the Internet era, through the entire live streaming of Tencent's video, I can also turn on the computer at home, feel the heat of EDC Shanghai, and experience a "Cloudy Di", rightfully "pretend to be on the scene."

On April 29th, Day 1, coming and coming into the studio, the electronic music players appeared in turn.

Gryffin, a young DJ from New York, he is best at Remix to re-exhibit the top hits on the list to another style of House. For example, the Gryffin Remix of Maroon 5's “Animals” that he did before was on the radio. Can hear the version. This time he came to EDC to bring this melodious House music to Shanghai, from Kendrick Lamar's “HUMBLE.” to Anne-Marie’s FRIENDS.

As the sky fainted, Alison Wonderland appeared. As a rare female breed in the DJ world, her appearance roused the scream of a big vote of male fans. The front row also had a banner with her cover portrait of her new album “Awake”. As soon as he came up, AW first used a "Good Enough" to awaken everyone's ears. As a well-trained DJ, AW's music is always rich in elements, and the overall atmosphere is also more delicate than many male DJs. Her Trap and Future Bass also flickered. There are often surprising samples, such as suddenly remixing a "RockStar" on the day, it's really cool.

In Day 2 of EDC Shanghai, the lineup is even stronger than Day 1. Including Deadmau5, the most famous mouse in the DJ world, the image is deeply rooted in people's minds. When I was at the record company many years ago, Deadmau5's albums were sent to the mainland via the official introduction of Universal at a time, showing a large market. Marshmello, a popular online celebrity DJ with a pop-up watch on Youtube, his lovely hood and the lingering, melodious Future Bass melody and toneless marshmallow;

DJ Don Diablo, known as the big pineapple, is one of the recognized representative musicians and founders of the Future House. It is a great electronic music artist who combines the feelings of the future with people's emotions; Martin Garrix, who was the top 100 for the past two years, is In the closing ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympics, if there are no accidents, he will be the finale of tomorrow night.

In Day 2 of EDC Shanghai, the lineup is even stronger than Day 1.

Including Deadmau5, the most famous mouse in the DJ world, the image is deeply rooted in people's minds. When I was at the record company many years ago, the Deadmau5's records were sent to the Mainland every other time via Universal's official introduction, showing that the market was big; Marshmello , On the Youtube hits the pop online celebrity type DJ, his lovely hood and the elastic Future Bass melody and sounds the name of innocent marshmallows; DJ Don Diablo, known as the big pineapple, recognized as the representative of the Future House musicians And one of the founders of the founder, the electronic music artist who combined the feelings of the future and people's emotions with each other, and Martin Garrix, who was the 100 best player for the first time in two years, went to the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The big finale of tomorrow night,he will lead everyone to fly together.

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