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Large-scale performance

DAGE Stage Lighting--Embroidery Chris Lee 2018 Tour Concert

Time: 2018-05-24 16:39:31

On April 29th, Chris Lee's 2018 "Pop" tour concert in Shanghai was performed very hotly. This was Chris Lee's rehearsal of a personal concert in Shanghai after many years. This time she not only sang classic songs such as “See the next intersection” and “Chang embroidery”, but also romantically sang “I love the inner activities of you”. Shanghai station scene, she pleasantly surprised to call fans into thrill interaction, music turn the audience.

After Injured, sing and dance, blew the audience, and the fans “phone call” full of romance.

In the previous tour of Chengdu, Chris Lee suffered an accidental recurrence of her old injury to her leg and she started to sing with the crutches, causing concern. On the scene of the Shanghai tour, Chris Lee, who had recovered from a leg injury, brought a lot of sing songs and blew up the audience. She also took the walking stick to the site of the Shanghai tour station and ridiculed that there is no need for a walking stick today.

On the scene of the Shanghai tour, she also brought a special surprise. On the spot, she called the lucky fans and made video. This move attracted the audience screaming again and again, the fans are even more excited to the scene tears running. It is reported that this “calling” link is actually a “retaliate plan” for the spring and spring. In last month's tour Chengdu station, she said: "What's going wrong? Welcome to call me." As a result, fans asked for a number offensive fiercely, let Spring Spring bluntly "can't catch up", this time on the tour Shanghai station site, this lovely star carefully designed this link to respond to fans.

Warm singing, warm heart interaction, super space stage dance beauty is full of dreams~

Following the surprise tour of Chengdu Station to sing "Side",  Chris Lee was on the scene at the Shanghai tour station and again unlocked a cover song, "The Inner Life of I Love You" by Chen Yuzhen. She said that Shanghai is a city she likes very much. This love song prepared for Shanghai has a unique taste under Li Yuchun's unique interpretation. From the beginning of his debut, he has witnessed Chris Lee's growing up grandmother fans to the scene. When singing the fans to write their own "like you", Chris Lee also called on the stage summer grandmother, warm heart and interaction moved the audience.

Diverse, innovative, cross-border and international, in recent years has become a more and more unique and eye-catching label for Chris Lee's concert. The beauty of the concert is also a lot of thought. The shocking lighting vision on the stage, she and the dancer's motion projections were placed in two spaces by a transparent screen. The blurry boundaries were mysteriously intertwined, and the extended space was inaccessible and fascinating, demonstrating multiple “popular” cultures.

A total of six chapters were toured in Shanghai, including 8 kinds of kick drums in the chapters, 32 kinds of latest drum samples, and more than one set of electronic strikes. The tidal sounds brought the ultimate audition “Feast”, and the “Shanghai Tour” took the final view as a tour The perfect ending for the entire performance.

Chris Lee's 2018 concert Tour next stop will be on May 26 in Shenzhen.

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