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Large-scale performance

DAGE Stage Lighting Shines 30th anniversary of Weigao Group

Time: 2018-05-28 11:38:53

In May, Weihai with blue sea and blue sky, colorful flowers, beautiful scenery. Weigao Group sponsored Guangdong Southern Broadcasting Film and Television Media Group's "Building a Dream 30". The celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Weigao Group was held at 7pm on May 8th. Weihai Stadium was grandly held. The party was hosted by the famous director Wang Weihua, the famous host Zhu Jun, Ouyang Xiadan, Ren Luyu and Zhu Tianhua. The 350 employees of the Wego Group performed with the famous movie and television actress on the same stage, and more than 20,000 Wego Group Employees participate in interactive viewing on the spot. The party reconstructed the Weigao Group's strenuous efforts during the first 30 years and achieved a remarkable performance. It demonstrated that Weigao people will be "new with new images, new realms, and a new vision for WeiGao." Goal, the determination to start the second venture, and the use of modern technology in the whole party, the sound of lighting dancing and the sound of the United States was shocking, warm and majestic, which greatly improved the reputation of the company and was well received by guests from home and abroad attending the celebration party and from all walks of life.

General Director of the Gala Evening: Wang Weihua (Director of Weigao Group's 20th Anniversary Gala Evening)

Theatrical performances by the Central Radio and TV Station Zhu Jun Ouyang Xiadan Ren Luyu Guangdong Radio & TV Station Zhu Tianhua as host

The song“The world is under heaven”Tang Yi (Guangdong Song and Dance Theatre National first-class actor participated in Weigao Group's 20th anniversary celebration party to perform “Lush world’s Birthday” in 2008)

Song "Story of Spring" Dong Wenhua

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