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Stage lighting

Time: 2017-07-23 22:04:46

Stage lighting is also called "stage lighting", referred to as "lighting". One of the means of stage art. Use of stage lighting equipment (such as lighting, slides, control systems, etc.) and technical means, with the development of the plot, to color and change display environment, rendering the atmosphere, highlighting the central figure, create a stage sense of space and a sense of timing, shaping stage performances of external image and provide the necessary lighting effects (such as wind, rain, clouds, water, lightning).

Main points

The role of shaping the image and creative description

A) external image description -- the main light, ambient light, backlight contour

B) psychological description - dialogue, monologue, memories, hopes, fantasy

C) creative Description: concrete, abstract, realistic and non realistic

Stage space environment

A) performance of the space environment

B) performance of the time environment

C) performance of the seasonal environment

D) performance of the other environment

Grasp the atmosphere of the stage

A) brightness relations - a bright degree of development / perspective / the former, the dark back / tone contrast control / high profile - the focus / low-key - the effect is significant

Stage lighting

B) color -- reality / decoration / saturation / color / color contrast color contrast

C) relationship between time and space -- time / space / light color change change perspective / sense of distance

D) view of the relationship between the emotional exchange / psychological resonance

E) formal relationships: natural / exaggerated / abstract

F) - and the aesthetic relationship between performances and her creation; aesthetic standards and performance / quality / effect

G) subjective and objective relations -- the idea of subjective performance plot; objective to reproduce the spatial structure of the light

H) the primary and secondary relations: the key figures and non key figures, the effect of the person and the scene - the person is bright and Jing Liang; the emphasis point

I) situational relations - the same scene can produce different light effect, so that the scene of the situation;

J) -- creating vocabulary independent creative; closely related to the plot; continuous picture lamp effect

Technical support and implementation

A) visual characteristics / adaptability / fatigue.

B) the appropriate brightness - the size of the theater as well as the audience size / appreciation / content / content / projected area / power / light efficiency utilization

C) combination of optical devices - the use of the performance of the lamps and lanterns, the arrangement of the lamps and lanterns, the combination of the lamp and the lamp, the lamp and the special lamp.

D) lighting effect -- light angle - light direction / light / lamp combined cohesive covert way - exposure

E) control and operation

.development process

Early drama had a history of performance in the open air or semi open air, all of which are based on daylight. But with the performance of the house to move into the house or the night show, began to appear.

Stage lighting

Stage lighting According to written records, 1102 years later, China in the Northern Song Dynasty Bianliang, every Lantern Festival performed "acrobatics", stand downstairs with square Mori into a stage, on both sides of the stack above the hanging ball, Zhang Yu, rafter internal combustion candle. This is the beginning of Chinese artificial light. Such as outdoor performances in Europe in the sixteenth Century night, with a rope made of resin impregnated lamp as light source. 15 ~ sixteenth Century, the test light Italy division set. At the beginning of seventeenth Century, the Italians did control lights in the performance test of the dark. And the French classical performance has also done how to show a day and night to try to change. Since eighteenth Century, when the show off the audience seats, leaving only the stage lights, has formed a practice. In 1755 the Dresden Opera Theatre "Yeao", on the stage of 8000 branches of light candles. Since nineteenth Century, light source changed rapidly. The first theatre London 1808 on the gas lamp. Because the gas lamp can be used to control the pipeline and can be used to promote the light and dark. The British H. de Lamont invented the lime light, can produce similar sunlight or moonlight color on the stage. In 1870 the British used lime lamp as the light, and then to paint coating on the glass to get lime light shade effect. In 1846 the Paris Opera House for the first time using arc source and then use electric arc produced color silk filter and created to show from sunset to sunrise stage image in five consecutive changes in lighting. At the beginning of the 20th century, after the advent of tungsten lighting, stage provides spotlights luminescence concentration, and for the performance of the stage space and create the atmosphere of the stage provides favorable conditions. The invention of the dimmer lighting system, the unified management and use of filters, strengthen the expressive force of stage lighting. In 1920 the Italian M. Dover Tuni design a soft light reflection system, using silk reflection from the arc source to imitate nature expression of light and color in the sky the illusion of.

At the beginning of the 20th century Swiss stage artists A. Apia and British director, stage artists Gdon gray successively put forward the modeling theory of light art, lighting requirements express sculpture visual sense, sense of music and stage space in motion with a sense of rhythm. Practice has proved that it has opened up a vast world for the lighting art. In modern performances, Futurism and expressionism have paid great attention to the performance of stage lighting effects. Such as the use of flashing lights create turmoil of the stage atmosphere; to cut light instead of closing, manufacturing montage scenes on the stage. 20's German director E. PISCATOR first on the stage in the use of film techniques. In the 1950s Czechoslovakia stage artists J. Svoboda created multiple screens, multi-level and multi angle of projector technology and different light shaping technology, so as to enrich the modeling language of stage lighting and promoting the further development of the art of light.

After the Sung Dynasty in China, on the stage had used artificial lighting, Zhang Dai Qing Dynasty "from" written records, the lantern also began in the Song Dynasty. Liu Huiji in the show "Tang Minghuang" when a visit to the moon over the use of light changes. In the late Qing Dynasty, the palace and folk performances in "Lantern play". Guangxu decade (1884) Cixi birthday, a show with to candle 448 branch, and folk performances, the Cowherd and the girl weaver "also used the many magpies lamp. Xin Hai after the revolution, China theater generally use gas lamp or lamp lighting. From 1933 Shanghai staged a "roar, china! "When the Chinese stage began to set up the stage spotlight projection system. In 1954, has built in line with international standards in the theater, the introduction of and the establishment of the China's own stage lighting series, developed the Chinese unique slide performance art.

5. function

Features: first, the stage to make the picture more clear: so that the audience can see what or stage some of the corners of the audience do not see (now). II to strengthen the performance of the stage: in line with the needs of the story, so that the background is natural, to the development of the plot to set off, suggesting and inducing the role of the atmosphere (actors, audience). The use of stage lighting: the intensity (the brightness of the light): there must be enough light, so that the audience can see color, appearance and details. (2) distribution: including distribution in the direction of the light distribution and use of shooting stage, the subject must and supporting and background and obvious difference (color) brightness difference. The color of colored paper, computer color: on the way to meet the needs of the story. The change: according to the story needs, make the light color, brightness, motion changes. In the concrete use of stage lighting, in the reduction of a light source, should do a good job to enhance the preparation of the next source, in addition to the special needs of the story. Is to avoid the black sound, so as not to affect the work of the staff.

6. function

Lighting effect in the modern stage: stage lighting, so that the audience see the performers and the scenery image; secondly, guiding the audience's attention; 3 characters, heighten the emotional and show stage illusion; (4) to create a play to the space environment; fifthly, render the atmosphere of the drama; display the time and space conversion, outstanding drama conflict and strengthen stage rhythm, rich artistic appeal. Sometimes with stage stunt.

Distribution of modern drama "Hakka house" by Shenzhen Meiya culture media to build the stage lights in the performance of light strength, color and lighting area, such as the movement of light have greater plasticity and controllability. The artistic effect of the stage lighting is shown with the progress of the performance and the continuous transformation of the atmosphere.

7. classification

Stage lights according to the optical structure can be classified into three types: Pan light, spotlight and slide; according to stage installation location, and a surface light, ears, feet light, Zhu Guang, top row light, day light, to light and optical flow points. The universal light system is a lamp that can emit a uniform and soft light and can illuminate a certain direction. Floodlights, separate the top row of lamps, lamp for footlights and scene lighting, sky painting scenery or performing area. The focusing system can emit directional and lighting control light range. Is generally used by lens refraction principle, cast a different spot. As with a soft thread.



Stage lighting

The lens is able to produce a soft spot in the edge. The reflective optical structure light is reflected light condensing effect. A system is in the spotlight before a group of the light projection imaging lens. This slide can be divided into: using slide imaging cast Jing slide. By rotating disc type chain to cloud, water, fire and other activities in the image cast on the scene cast Jing slide; (3) use a telephoto length lens to spot small clear imaging. Light up the outstanding character of the ellipsoid concave mirror; lamp for modeling lamp.

The control system of stage lighting must be able to effectively control and deployment of all lamps and harmonious artistic effect. It is composed of three parts, the power distribution board, the light adjusting device and the total control console.

Stage lighting design mainly according to the script, director and stage art of the general idea of artistic conception, lighting design drawing, and the specific arrangements for the technology embodied. Lighting design should be to use a variety of means of modeling, to adapt to different styles of performance, such as some performance requirements show the realistic style, while others require to create the artistic conception of the abstract and impressionistic or metaphor.

8. design common sense

Light position of stage lights

To do a good job in the configuration of professional stage lights, the first to understand the common light position of the stage. This is an important part of the correct selection of configuration.

1.light: from the top of the audience to the stage of the light, the main role for the character of the front lighting and the whole set of basic light.

2. the slap in the face: located on both sides of the proscenium, oblique projection in the light of the stage, is divided into several layers, main auxiliary surface light, strengthen facial lighting, increase three-dimensional characters, scene.

3. Zhu Guang (also known as side light: light from the proscenium on both sides of the projection, mainly for persons or sceneries of the both sides of the lighting, increase the sense of three-dimensional and contour.

4.the top light: from the stage to the stage of the light, from the front to the rear into a row of top light, two top row of light, three top light...... And so on, the main use for the stage general lighting, enhance the stage illumination, and has many features, props of fixed point, mainly by the top light to solve.

5.backlighting: self reverse stage inverse projection direction of the light (such as a top light, the bridge of light and other radiation), outline characters, known as the outline, enhanced three-dimensional sense and a sense of transparency, but also can be used as a special light source.

6.bridge light: in the stage of the stage of the bridge to the stage of the light, mainly used for auxiliary column light, enhance the sense of three-dimensional, but also for other light position of the projection, but also as a specific light source.

7. feet light: from the proscenium of the bedplate to stage projection light, main auxiliary surface illumination and eliminate due to high light surface irradiation

Stage lighting

The shadow of the face and jaw.

8.world ranked light: from above and below the canopy to canopy light, mainly used for lighting and color change of the sky.

9.mobile light: located on both sides of the stage of the flow on the frame, the main auxiliary bridge light, add the stage on both sides of the light or other specific light.

10. the spotlight: light from the audience or other location need bit, is used to track the performers or highlight a particular light and is used in a host, is the pen of a close-up of the stage art to the effect that make the finishing point.

Common lamps and lanterns and characteristics

1.spotlight: is the most widely used in stage lighting one of the main light, the current market has 1KW, 2KW, 2KW use the most widely. It is illuminated by light, the edge of the light spot is clear, can highlight a part, can also be a region of light spot lighting, as a stage of the main light source, commonly used in the face, the face, side light, etc..

2.lambency lamp: light and soft symmetry, both to highlight a part, and not blunt the spot, easy to light convergence, common 0.3KW, 1kW, 2kW etc.. More than the light position for the light, mobile light and so on.

3.light: it is a reflective lamp, its characteristics is hard light quality, high intensity and long distance, is a kind of economical and efficient light, common mainly 0.5 kW, 1kW, 2kW etc., with 2kW most commonly used.

4. floodlight: diffuse light, said, projected area, divided into day row astigmatism and astigmatism, 0.5 kW, 1kW, 1.25KW, 2kW, common to sky radiation, can also be used for general lighting theatre podium.

5.a modeling lamp: principle between chasing lights and spotlights is a kind of special lamps and lanterns, mainly for the projection of the shape of the characters and scenery.

6. foot light lamp (also known as the light): soft light, wide area. Mainly as a medium shot, Netscape lighting, cloth color, but also in the proscenium location aided face lighting.

7. the light (also called downlight): widely used, such as PAR46, PAR64 and other models. Can be used for the characters and scenery of the various directions, can also be directly mounted on the stage, exposed to the audience, forming a lamp array, for stage decoration and lighting dual role.

8.vestment scene projector (also known as the projector) and atrium effect lamp: form the overall picture in the arena tent, and all kinds of special effects, such as wind, rain, thunder, electricity, water, fire, smoke, clouds and so on.

9. the computer lights: This is a controlled by DMX512 or RS232 or PMX signal intelligent lamp, the light color, spot, the intensity of illumination were is better than the conventional lamps is in recent years, the development of an intelligent lighting, often installed in the surface light, top light, stage background order position, its operation in color, shape, and preparation can be running the program. Because of the power of different sizes, the use of the stage to be different. General low-power computer lights, only for dance.


Stage lighting

Office use. On the stage small power computer light, spot is often the footlights, retro lamp on out, so in the choice to pay special attention to.

10.chasing lights: stage lighting lamps and lanterns, is characterized by high brightness, the use of imaging lens, can present clear spot, by adjusting the focal length and change the spot actual situation. There are active light bar, can easily change the color, light body can be free to operate, etc.. Juntong chasing chasing, 50-80m, chasing, chasing the light intensity under the spotlight as now the market more varieties, labeling index is not the same to power standard: 1kW tungsten halogen light source, 1kW dysprosium light source, 1kW metal halide light source, 2kW metal halide light source, also has to the distance as the standard lamp (in particular distance, illumination), such as 8-10m lamp 15-30m lamp 30-50m chasing light lamp, and the function is divided into: mechanical chasing lights, the focusing and light bar, color changing are done manually, the other a computer lamp, the focusing and light bar, changing color, adjust the color temperature of push and pull appliances automatically, so in the selection must be on a variety of indicators carefully selected.

Stage light color changer

The design and promotion, greatly simplifying the number of stage lamps, reducing the labor intensity of the workers, but also save the amount of investment, so it is an indispensable instrument for the current stage, the market is currently the main machine for color and color and color two.

1. stage machine for color: the design is simple, the price is low, for the twentieth Century 80~90's mid mainstream products, is now close to the elimination.

2.the stage of computer color change device: it is in the past few years, the development of a new color changer, which uses the international standard DMX-512 signal output, can be

Portable computer dimming

Special control Lu control, can also be connected to the use of the computer to adjust the light, it is a multi mode, high precision, large capacity, control distance and other characteristics, become the current market for color filter mainstream products.


Double digital dimming cabinet

Common 3 Road, road, 9 Road, 12 road, 18 road, 24 Road, No. 60, 120 Road, each power is 8kw, but also a 2kW, 4kw, multiple path for one machine road number is divided into the body.

2. digital dimming: the use of single-chip technology, DM512 digital signal. It is better to adjust the optical function, the function of the light, the function of the backup, the function of the backup, the function of the organization, the curve of the light, the price is reasonable. There are 12 road, 36 Road, 72 Road, 120 Road, 240 Road, 1000 Road, 2KW, 6KW, 8KW, 4KW, etc.. In the understanding of the position lamp, lamp characteristic and control equipment and the change of color, you can according to their respective characteristics, the use of scale size, in light of the complexity, adjust measures to local conditions to design the correct use of the program the.

9. design scheme

Design principle

The stage lighting system design is to follow the rules and special requirements of the stage art performance. The purpose is to design and configure various kinds of performing arts, according to the system engineering design and configuration.

The 1 stage lighting to create completely free space, adapt to all lighting requirements;

2 in order to make the system can continue to run, the appropriate increase in reserves and expansion space;

3 system anti-interference ability and safety as an important design index;

4 high efficiency energy-saving cold new lamps are introduced in the design of the system;

5 DMX512 digital signal network technology is introduced into the various aspects of the system design.

Process requirements

1. The system process design and equipment configuration has the use function of the theatre complex, the rotation of a variety of different genres of light operation scheme in a short period of time.

2 the system design can be from one kind of lighting scheme to convert to another one kind of lighting scheme, the conversion time is finished in 2 hours.

3 the system allows the use of all types of configurations of various types of lamps and other supplementary equipment.

4. The design of the system has enough safety and storage capacity, the system under the premise of not interrupting the main electricity supply. On the console for constant checking and diagnosis.

5. The system of equipment fully comply with the technical requirements of the stage background noise, open stope, open all lighting equipment noise and external noise interference not higher than nr25, test point 1m effect equipment noise is not greater than 30 dB.

.system expansion capability is the system design of the initial intention to set aside, such as power silicon control capacity, network capacity, to be future funding or new technologies appear, so that the system is not due to the design of the large area of change or update, to save money and quickly adapt to change.

Design description

Lighting array stage lighting lamp location layout of top light, location, stage parts were lighting point, to eliminate the dead zone can be flexible in combination.

1 design and configuration of the optical system

Top light effect is on the depth of the stage performance space for lighting is necessary, the top light configuration used in all sorts of lamps and lanterns, greatly improve the transmittance of light, stage top light lighting or dyeing.

The distribution of the A. is as follows:

Over the stage, a total of 20 dome light. Each of them uses a different number of lamps and lanterns

Arrangement and projection method of B. lamps:

The first top light and surface light convergence lighting starring district and cohesion when looking at the person's height, in the first top position as point light and placement of lighting effects, and select some lamps enhance performance fulcrum region of lighting; the second to tenth road can be to stage direct investment, also can hang straight down on the projection, can strengthen the stage character modeling and object space lighting. Before and after the arrangement of light, the stage performance area to obtain a more uniform color and brightness.

2 computer lamp design configuration

Computer lamp is arranged above the stage top light pole, can arbitrarily adjust the lighting angle of projection, brightness, pattern transformation, beam size, color and other functions to ensure meet the performance requirements of computer lights change.

3 light color changer design configuration

In the light of the role of the stage light, coloring, color change, and the background of the color changing device installed on the part of the lamps and lanterns, it can achieve the effect of a variety of colors.

Equipment configuration

1 lighting console

2 dimming silicon cabinet

10. design basis

According to the existing national standards and norms, and with reference to the international standard of general. The basic technical basis of the concept, in the reference and equivalent. (including the requirements of the characteristic parameters, the method of measurement of the characteristic parameters, the electrical design specification, safety requirements, etc.)

"Acoustic index" sound amplification system in a hall GYJ25-86;

"GB/T4959-1995" Hall reinforcement characteristic measurement method;

Optimization of interconnection of sound system equipment GB14197-93;

"The objective evaluation of language can understand" Hall RASTI of GB/T14476-93;

"GBJ76-84" code for measurement of reverberation time;

"Civil building electrical design specification" JGJ/T16-92.

The power of meeting system and its audio performance requirements GB/T15381-94

Architectural acoustics design and construction plan;

"Theater building design specification" JGJ57-2000

"Civil architectural lighting design standard" GBJ133-90

"High rise civil building design fire code" GBJ45-82

"Architectural design code for fire protection" GBJ16-37

11. technical indicators

The hall system standards according to the national level performance requirements. Specifically as follows:

First level characteristic index:

Maximum sound pressure level: greater than or equal to 110dB;

Transmission frequency characteristic: average sound pressure level 100~6300Hz 0dB. Within this range allows + / - 4dB. 50Hz-10000Hz allows +4~-8dB;

Thermoacoustimetry: -8dB, 125Hz ~ 4000Hz;

The acoustic field is not uniform: less than or equal to 8dB, 1000~4000Hz;

Total noise level: less than or equal to 30dB (A).

12. power supply requirements

In order to ensure the high quality sound system, put forward the following requirements for power amplifying system:

1. The power amplifying system with separate lighting power supply, power supply to the power equipment processing.

2. Transformer power supply transformer should sound system and lighting, air conditioning and other large current power supply group separately.

3. AC 220V/10 kVA power supply capacity of sound reinforcement system, if possible, the best two way power supply, the main production, automatic switching.

The power line and sound. Pipeline should be avoided in parallel, if it is not overcome, the interval is not less than 1250px.

In summary, our company in the design and production of your stage equipment design and product selection, will always be a rigorous professional approach, a serious and responsible attitude for the design of your unit that is scientific and reasonable and economical and practical program. At the same time, we hope that you can give us valuable comments and suggestions.

13. design process


For lighting and three-dimensional lighting also used to meet the need for different stage show of lights, set the surface light, top light, side light, backlight, a slap on the face, optical flow.

1) in the front of the stage front do two stage light, stage of the main light, surface light is mainly used to meet the positive character portrayal of light and prominent characters of the expression, more vivid sketch out an actor's performance characteristics, because the surface light position from the stage far, so the surface light selected 20 sets of factory production of 2kW spotlights 16 and 2kW retro lamp, spotlight projection distance beam irradiation is strong; large spot light projection angle wide application in large area shop light to improve the illumination of the stage; and the installation of the surface light color changing device for changing the color of the light contrast the stage scenes.

2) above the stage for two of the top light, illuminates the characters at the top and part of the landscape light, choose 12 2kW spotlights, 12 2kW lambency lamp. Characteristics of condensing lighting effect strong prominent figures and objects; soft light according to the soft reduction people and objects from the essence of color; and is upregulated by light and application of formation change, can produce different lighting effects.

The side light is located in on both sides of the stage, to describe and suppress the figures and objects around the contour of the shadow area, selected 2kW spotlight 6 and 2kW light 6. Use the spotlight and light tough spot contour is more prominent, more delicate.

4) the two backlight set behind the Dingguang, use a total of 24 1kW par light (cheese lamp) and 8 2kW light use their strong lighting highlight the sense of the whole outline of characters and objects.

5) for offset surface light, top light, side light and backlighting of figures and objects contour contrast problems caused by the dark side, improve the clarity, on the stage sets a slap in the face, optical flow. Slap in the face from the stage distance far selected six 2kW spotlights and six 2kW light; optical flow with 8 2kW retro lamp with mobile support arbitrarily placed in the left and right sides of the stage of the lights in the shop light does not reach the designated position.

6) in order to make the stage show true reappearance, set the stage background light, selected 8 1250W Cyclorama lighting, 8 sets of 1250W row of lamps to achieve a uniform background shop light effect.

7) to avoid bland stage performances, specially designed for the portion of the lamp assembly the professional color changer, with dimming Taiwan marshalling the timely use, so that the performance reached Yizhenyihuan significant effect.

Above lighting system configuration, with reference to: JGJ57-2000, GB/14076-93, GYJ45-92, GBTXXX, GB500116-98 and other relevant industry standards.

Machinery hanging according to your drawings, combined with lighting system, and configuration of the hanging equipment according to the actual construction situation of your building were designed as follows:

1) will benchmark 1: located in the inner side of the proscenium, used to display the slogan of the meeting, highlighting the theme of the conference (to avoid over the stage into the audience view scope).

2) stage curtain 1: located at the rear of the emblem, the curtain in the form of a uniform telescopic and stepless speed regulation of open, uniform to open, butterfly curtain, etc, we for you selected is average rate to open the curtain system; the curtain is portal of the stage, but also on the stage of the curtain facilities a. It is mainly used for the beginning and end of the performance of the opening and closing, sometimes used as a field screen.

3) the stage scene 1: basic subject is consistent with the big screen and selection is electric to open a curtain system; as the main stage curtain, its role is mainly for Solo, singing, solo performances at the bottom of the screen, and in all kinds of drama, opera fragments, using his opening and closing replacement sets and props.

4) backdrop (atrium): 1 types of lifting rod type, fixed type, string curtain etc.. The fixed background scene, sky is to show the transmission screen slide set. According to the development of the plot, replacement of different scene or scene, in the transformation of the slide, so that the audience a feeling of be personally on the scene in the show.

5) stage lighting lever 5: light pole is used to install the stage lamps and lanterns, to meet the different performance of the lamp replacement, save time and effort, convenient and quick. On the stage over the top light rod 2, backlight rod 2, background light bar 1.

6) the stage side light is very important in the stage lighting, and its position is arranged in the side light frame, and is arranged on the right side of the stage.

7 from the edge of the curtain rod 3, along the curtain rod 3: for the edge of a hanging curtain, screen edge is on both sides of the stage curtain, which cover the role of the audience's sight on both sides of the stage, is to add to the beauty of stage design of the audience, but also enhance the audience on the stage of stereoscopic. Along the screen as the stage along the mouth, blocking the line of sight over the audience on the stage, which set off the stage appearance.

8) view bar 14: King rod used for hanging scene scene, for the stage show necessary machinery equipment (prop), according to the specific situation of reasonable use will so that the performance presents a vivid effect.

Above hanging system configuration, reference: JGJ57-2000, GB/14076-93, GYJ45-92, GBTXXX, GB500116-98, SJ2112XX such as relevant industry standards

14. lamp type

Computer head light, effect lights, strobe, laser lights, hood, oil smoke, film lights, strobes, blue headlight, red headlight, magic crystal ball, lantern, butterfly lamp, fairy lights, HBO series, XBO series, MSD series, MSI series, MSR series, HMI series, HTI series a series of light source, msr575, hmi1200/gs, HMI575, Sylvania

15 .brand series

Phyllis ADB ace, etc macostar, Youtu marumo, Polyflor spotlight as Mao pill, strand, Tl, Thailand siquande fabri phida

Floodlight floodlight brand Feida phida

Computer lamp brand light moving

Coemar coemar, Phyllis etc, Martin Martin, aceda fine art, Ren Feng Chaiyi, willex Levin vari Lite

Light up the brand follow spotlight

As Polyflor spotlight, strong fine art, Shichuang Chaiyi, Feida phida

16. stage layout

The proscenium stage, for example, stage lighting type divided into: surface light, a slap in the face. Top light, column light, side light (light bridge, a suspension cage), side light 2 (high flow, low flow), backlighting canopy light (world ranked), barefoot.

To people on the stage as a benchmark

Face: in addition to the big screen, the top of the audience hall, the hall is divided into a road, two road, three road, behind the floor of the box, the central spotlight, etc..

Installation and use: mainly to the stage in front of the performance area (such as 8-10m), for the characters or form the stage of the three-dimensional effect.

Equipped with lamps: spotlight, lantern;

Side light: in the theater, the audience seats on both sides of the lamp, the light from both sides of the stage performance area

Device and use: surface light light

With the same surface light lamp;

Slap in the face: distribution in a slap on the face, installed in the left and the right sides of the stage curtain close to the proscenium of position, the light from the side to invest in stage performance.

Device and use: surface and light similar to and around a cross fired at the stage, used to strengthen the scenery, props and characters of three-dimensional.

Equipped with lamps: spotlight, lantern;

Top light: in the stage at the top of the lamp, usually installed in the lifting hanger, mainly for stage in the backcourt lighting, from the proscenium is in turn: a top, top two, three, four top;

At the stage of device and use: after the performance area, mainly for the need for strong light from the upper part of the occasion.

Equipped with lighting: spotlight, light, floodlight;

Column: light is arranged on the inner side of the stage proscenium tower, from the inside to the proscenium light performance area, can be divided into a column of light, two light column. Also known as the box.

Device and application: make up for the lack of face and face.

Equipped with lighting: low power light, soft light lamp;

Foot light: medial apron, oblique and large screen actors at

Device and purpose: make up the surface of the light is too steep, eliminate the cast in front of the shadow, when the curtain is closed, to change the color of the curtain.

Equipped with lighting: spotlight;

Side light: the stage on both sides of the flyover, from the high stage can be divided into two sides, a side light, two light, three light side to side. Also known as the bridge of light

Device and application: lighting for the auxiliary lighting of an actor's face, and may strengthen the set level

Equipped with lighting: spotlight;

Day light: installed above in the sky, the lamp rod special canopy


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