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Laying of electric engineering wire and cable with sound and light

Time: 2017-07-23 22:10:03

Cable (wire) laying in weak current system, most of the signal models are DC voltage, current signal or digital signal, so the cable (line) of the laying work should pay attention to the following points: 1) cable laying must set up special command, due to the construction of the whole staff in laying before the end, that root number of cable the beginning of the end, number, technical requirements and safety precautions; 2) should be prepared to sign before the laying of cable, cable type, marked number, specifications, drawings, No. 3) in the starting location; cable laying before, first check all pipe groove, have been completed and meet the requirements, and the installation of routing information port location is consistent with the design, determine whether the omission; 4) whether the flow pipe pre buried pipe with check, wire is in place, if not should be dealt with before; 5) on line inspection line, thread should be carried out before the pipeline cleaning, grinding nozzle. The removal of debris and water pipe, it is necessary to use 0.25Mpa compressed air into talcum powder, in order to ensure the quality of thread.  Marking requirements to left hand thread, tail to the right of the line, to facilitate later confirmation number line; 13) vertical cable cloth: wear line should be from top to bottom, in the line cable requirements placed in parallel, not kink, Cross shall not enable cable is put into death bends or kinks. 14) cable should try to avoid heavy extrusion; 15) lashing: construction when threading prepare temporary binding, avoid vertical tension after binding to reduce the effect of gravity sag of cable performance. The main trunk line wear after integral binding, the space should '=1.5M. The cable should be bound separately. Binding such as bending should satisfy the bending radius of not less than 250px; 16) installed in the underground coaxial cable shall have the shielding piece of aluminum foil to prevent moisture. 17) coaxial cable in the installation of the necessary examination, not a damage shield. 18) to ensure that the cable temperature should be higher than 5. 19) fill in on line recording table; record trunk copper or fiber given number should be clear floor number, ordinal number; 20 line slot inside cloth after finishing should cover groove cover, meet fire, moisture-proof, anti rodent. Company contact: 88471155, to participate in the tender, the weak two use.
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