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The use of stage lighting effect equipment

Time: 2017-07-23 22:12:24

The so-called stage lighting effect equipment, here is the computer lights, smoke machines, snow machines, bubble machines, colorful guns, etc..

As the municipal television station, relative to the central and provincial TV stations, the frequency of use of the studio very low, with the stage lighting equipment and operators also less poor. Make good use of, the use of existing equipment, fewer personnel, produce high quality, good effect of literature and art programs is we at Prefecture and city level TV stations, studio recording staff common responsibility. According to the actual situation of Tai'an TV station and have used many years of experience. We have done the following work, put forward to discuss with you.

First, the use of computer lights and console

Municipal television limited financial resources, funding constraints, in the purchase of computer lights and console equipment is often batches repeatedly purchased, often resulting in the configuration of the computer lights in small numbers, but the hybrid model, product performance is uneven, to use caused some trouble and difficulty. In particular, the control part is often the first purchase of computer lights supporting the special type of console, for other types of computer light control is not very effective. In the long run, we find a way to control the different types of computer lights by adjusting the simple and special console. Below we use the pilot1600 type console for example to illustrate.

Pilot1600 computer light console is a special type of Italy GSM. This console can control 20 channels by the DMX512 signal control of the computer, it can store 64 different models of the lamp, the maximum number of lights for 16 computer lights, each button corresponds to one, it has built a number of GSM lamps, such as the use of GSM production of lamps, is very convenient, but it is very difficult to use other types of lamps.

The reason is three:

(1) the console has only one output port of DMX512 signal, and can not be controlled by multiple control lines;

(2) the control console is only controlled by a model of a computer lamp, the address code set by the number of channels of the lamp can be set, the number of new lamps and lamps, as different from the original lamp, will have the possibility of covering or covering the original lamp;

(3) the special console's built-in lamp library does not support the new lamps and lanterns, and can not correctly display the number and name of the control channel of the new lamps, which is not conducive to maintenance and use. We have 4 sets of GSM scanning computer lights, after the purchase of 8 domestic shook his head. The interval between multiple channels together in series 4 due to financial reasons, we are not able to purchase new general-purpose computer console lights, in order to solve this problem, we take the following approach: we first by the original computer lamp lights (both last scanning lamp) leads to a signal line to a new lamp, lamps and lanterns, all 12 computer lamp by a signal line control, solve the DMX512 signal output; then we take two lamps and lanterns in a standard to set the address code, the original GSM lamp is a 16 channel, new light is 8 channels, we will address code is set to 16. This ensures that each of the lamps are well controlled, and will not produce the problem of coverage; finally, we follow the new lights on each channel of the function of the preparation of a new lamp library, so that the console can identify new lamps. So that we can correctly use the lamps and lanterns, all kinds of programming. , of course, this just under the condition of limited expedient, after all, in the use of relatively cumbersome, conditional or choose general-purpose computer console lights for the benefit.

Second,Computer lamp power control use

As we all know, the lamp life of the computer is usually 750 hours, can not be hot trigger (start), and then be required to wait for the light bulb cooling to restart. According to these characteristics, we in the performances of the footage of the rehearsals, as far as possible will need to use computer lights to heighten the atmosphere of the song and dance programs focus on recording, so as to shorten the time for its use. In order to avoid the sudden power failure, a quick call or an instant power outage to the computer's light from the start of the impact of the impact of the measures we take is, in the supply of computer lamp power supply air switch below, the installation of AC. Control the switch of the AC contactor to the light control room. This is to avoid the self start of the power supply of the computer lights, and to reduce the staff back and forth, the power of the labor.

Third, The use of smoke machine and bubble machine

We Tai'an TV two Taiwan hood, was purchased on 1996, the line of control of each machine is only 5 meters long. When using two people on stage control. It is difficult to communicate and director, and the two hood smoke rate is also inconsistent. In view of this situation, we made the following improvements, lengthened the line of control, the method is: two for up to 30 meters of five core cable, welding five core head hood control line is five core line). Along the wall of both sides of the stage leads to device layer, again by the device layer leads to one side of the chasing lights, find another two long about 6 meters of the core cable. In the five core head and the female head welding, first find out the hood (hood control line a total of five core line control, respectively is 1 ground 2 control timing 3 4 normally open 5 public power) and public power line, welding together with the welding. Two 2 core cable. After welding with the original controller to plug, the welding out of the 2 core two. The other end is connected to a double control switch cable. Need to pay attention to is that from the two hood control line and two 2 wires, only in four contact double control switch, so as to avoid two machines connected to the power supply phase sequence is different, causing a short circuit fault. Will control the hood of the double control switch is fixed on the handle of the chasing lights, the original hood two controller fixed on chasing lights a lamp frame. So, in the operation of light up at the same time, you can also control the hood. When the two smoke hood at the same time, click the double control switch lights on the handle. When you need a cigarette smoke, on the point of the controller hood, very convenient.

In addition, we will adjust the table, computer scanning lights, shaking his head lights console, cheese lamp, color changer, console, together, by one person. Also made the bubble machine five the effect is quite good, the control switch is also fixed in the lamp light up on the shelf. So, we can also manipulate the LED lights, two sets and five sets of bubble machine hood. The benefits of doing so, one is to narrow the distance between the lights and light control personnel, lamp control between people and the distance between the switch director, ease of coordination and communication; the two is greatly ease the contradiction between people less.

We've accumulated over the years is a little plain experience and practice, hope can play a valuable role, cause the thinking of the majority of local counterparts and yourself to solve practical problems in the work, for our broadcast and TV industry to make its due contribution.

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