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Light position of stage lights

Time: 2017-07-23 22:13:41

   To do a good job in the configuration of professional stage lights, the first to understand the common light position of the stage. This is an important part of the correct selection of configuration.

1.face light: from the top of the audience to the stage of the light, the main role for the characters of the light and the whole set of light.

2.The slap in the face: located on both sides of the proscenium, oblique projection in the light of the stage, is divided into several layers, main auxiliary surface light, strengthen facial lighting, increase three-dimensional characters, scene.

3. Zhu Guang (also known as side light)light from the proscenium on both sides of the projection, mainly for persons or sceneries of the both sides of the lighting, increase the sense of three-dimensional and contour.

4.the top light: from the stage to the stage of the light, from the front to the rear into a row of top light, two top row of light, three top light...... And so on, the main use for the stage general lighting, enhance the stage illumination, and has many features, props of fixed point, mainly by the top light to solve.

5.backlighting: from the stage inverse projection direction of the light (such as top light, the bridge of light, such as reverse irradiation), outline outline of characters, scenes, enhanced three-dimensional sense and a sense of transparency, but also can be used as a special light source.

6.bridge light: in the stage of the stage of the bridge to the stage of the light, mainly used for auxiliary column light, enhanced three-dimensional sense, also used for other light position of the projection, but also as a specific light source.

7 .feet light: from the proscenium of the bedplate to stage projection light, main auxiliary surface illumination and eliminate shadows due to high light surface irradiation face and jaw.

8.world ranked light: from above and below the canopy to canopy light, mainly used for lighting and color change of the sky.

9.mobile light: located on both sides of the stage of the flow on the frame, the main auxiliary bridge light, add the stage on both sides of the light or other specific light.

10.the spotlight: light from the audience or other location need bit, is used to track the performers or highlight a particular light and is used in a host, is the pen of a close-up of the stage art to the effect that make the finishing point.

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