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Spot Moving Head Series

GM-3836 (380W) GIANT Beam/Spot/Wash 3 IN 1

This is DAGE exclusive product: with R & D and design patents, any Infringement and Counterfeits will be prosecuted.★


1. Unique housing design, clear &compact structure, high quality & easy for maintaining.

2. Customized lamp OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 382W, constant current 650W/380V full power supply.

3. SUPER WIDE LINEAR ZOOM FROM 2.5-80°36 DMX channels.

4. Intensive beam & vivid 8 colors & 4 gobo wheels & wonderful 8/24/32 facet prism in 1.

5. Quite clear, smooth & bright spot, even in very slow speed, never shake, fuzziness or get stuck.
6. Sensitive & high speed, 3-phase motor for X/Y movement, positioning accuracy.

7.With RDM & CTO system, can set up the DMX address on the controller directly

8. 2 clamps fixed on the light base, easy for mobile shows.

9. Fixed battery for the LCD display, set up DMX address without electronic available.


Original Customized lamp OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 382W, 7800K, 2500-3000hs

Italian heat-resistant glass material, Germanic coating technology, good dissipation

Optical lens dia. 128mm, the beam angle 2° makes the beam super uniform, sharp, bright. 

Linear zoom: 2-80° (Including spot, frost & prism), in 2° the beam effect is the best

Automatic focusing, makes the beam & prism always in best effect


Display mode 16 million pixel LCD touch screen, with sleep mode function

Lamp’s life & device using time is displayable

With Automatic error tested function

Two control mode: touch-wheel mode and non-contact, convenient to operate and read menu


International standard DMX512

36 control channels

RDM long-distance address editing available

DMX, random, auto, voice and sleep mode

Using high-tech constant current board, 36V / 24V voltage

Built-in high -quality magnetic components ensure stable signal transmission

Data line antifreeze, in line with CE20 / 22 standards


3-pin male and female DMX signal connectors

Blue & white power input & output connectors


Rated power: 650W, AC90240V/50-60HZ

constant current PCB board, 650W/380V ballast, power fluctuations (± 50W) works normally

Using high-tech constant current power board,  first-class brand PCB components, SMT processing technology, and AC voltage mode

Ground wiring in accordance with international standard

Built-in high -quality lighting power filter to ensure stable signal transmission

Power line antifreeze, in line with CE20 / 22 standards


Independent double shutter, 0-14 times/s

0-100% linear dimming

The lamp power is automatically reduced by 40% when it turn off in 5 seconds

Remote control switch and boot light function for bulb, default as remote control


Color wheel: 1 color wheel with 8 colors + open

Linear CTO; with CTO linear color temperature system to solve the problem of remote surface lighting.

Semi- color, full-color, single-color gradients, changeable fast forward and reverse direction rotating rainbow effect. Automatic error correction at any angle with hall, magnet positioned

Imported Italian specialty heat resisting materials, Germanic high-tech coating technology


4 different gobo wheels

Static (metal) gobo wheel10 gobo+white+Animated gobos.

Animated(metal) gobo wheel: Open+Iris+3 arc Animated gobo, angle adjustable

Metal effect gobo wheel: Open+4 gobos+ Animated gobo,  can be overlap with Rotating for more spot effect.    

Rotating gobo wheel: 7 interchangeable gobo + open, the biggest angle is 52°

The rotating gobo and animative gobo overlapping will create more unique & amazing spot effects., rotation angle can be adjusted. Imported Italian specialty refractory metal materials. Automatic error correction at any angle with hall, magnet position


Frost: divided frost plate setting, high penetration frost lens

Frost effects: Various changes of frost effects combine with gobo wheel and color wheel

Frost angle: The largest is 60°


8/24/32 prism in 1

8 independent facet prism

24 independent facet prism

8+24 prism will create 32 prism 

The prism rotating angle is adjustable, up to 80°

Prism Material: Italian heat-protecting glass. Germanic high-tech coating technology


Frame material: light and excellent aluminum material, good heat dissipation

Fan Qty: 2 mute cooling fans in the bottom of the light, 3 intelligent & mute fans for the lamp cooling

Thermal protection: Built-in overheating protection, the fan’s speed will increase and decrease automatically according to the temperature


X/Y motor: Fast and quiet 3-phase motors

X/Y position: Encoder& Hall components position and advanced scanning memory function

Pan: 540°(16/32 bit),  2.5 sec.

Tilt 260 °16/32 bit), 1.6 sec.


Metal Plate design: DADE patented, creative high quality raw material

Housing design: unique DAGE patented design, user-friendly, nice looking, tough and neat

REMARKS: DAGE lighting reserves the right to modify the characteristics stated in this instruction manual at any time and without prior notice.

Light specification:

Body size: ×××*×××*××× (mm)        

N.W.: ××× kg


Carton 1 in 1: ×××*×××*××× (mm)           G.W.:××× kg  

Flight case 2 in 1: ×××*×××*××× (mm)      G.W.: ××× kg


Folding clamps: 2 pcs

Safety rope: 1 set

Bakelite plug: 1 pair

3m signal cable: 1 piece

1.5m power cable: 1 set

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