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LED Moving Head Series



19*15W LED Moving Focus Surface Light


DA-1912 Bright Wash is a led fast moving, pure warm white/pure cold white/ warm white focus surface light. built-in uniform,bright and full WS infinite color mixing system,offer the excellent stage illumination effect. Linear zoom: 6-60°convenient& saving labor-costs folding clamps, built-in battery, without power to code address code is available, with point control, circle control &RDM function, jump Varying and gradual dyeing colors; color temp.:2,500K-6,000K solving the problem of long and short-range surface light on the stage. Color rendering index 90. Full, uniform, bright, superior effects are the first choice of lighting engineers.

Power System:

Rated power: 450W, power mutual compensation, fluctuation (± 50W) environment can also be used normally.

Voltage/Frequency: The independently developed AC90-260V/50-60HZ wide voltage switching power supply can meet the voltage and frequency requirements of different countries around the world.

Power quality: The use of high-tech constant current power supply board, all PCB components are selected first-class brands at home and abroad, AC for voltage mode, the output voltage stability, long working life and high anti-interference ability.

Lamps and wires: Hand-in-hand power cords and signal wires, cold and frost-proof, in line with CE, GB7000.15-2000 and CE20/CE22 standards.

Control System

Control Protocol: international Standard DMX512 Control Protocol.

Control channel: 12 CH.

Control mode: DMX mode, random mode and voice control mode are optional.

Line board: high-tech constant current circuit board, 28V and 12V supply voltage, strong anti-interference ability, all PCB components are selected first-class brands to ensure that each electronic component works long-term and stable.

Optical System

Light source: High quality 19*15W WS LEDs, 30,000 hours, durable using,

Good temp. resistance & chemical corrosion resistance.

Glass lens: optical lens import from Italy, high-precision combined structure, high-transmittance glass light guide and PMMA optical lens, high-tech coating technology from Germany, the brightness difference between the edge and the center of the circle is no more than 50%.

Beam angle: 6-60°

The small angle effect highlights the beam, the medium to large angle highlights the dyeing, full, uniform and bright washing effect.

Electronic focusing: ultra-smooth linear adjustment, unique light path structure makes the light beam and dyeing more powerful.

Display System

Display mode: 20 million pixel color LCD touch screen; built-in self-rechargeable buffer battery, edit menu under no power state; screen can display upright, inverted, and background brightness adjustment.

Detection device: When there is an error in the lamp, an alarm device will appear, which is convenient for users to combine with the manufacturer and accurately solve the problem; in addition, each channel of the lamp can be detected to facilitate product maintenance.

Control mode: 1. Touch mode; 2. Non-contact scroll wheel mode.

Debugging device: For the convenience of manufacturers and users, the advanced settings of the menu and password can be used to debug the horizontal, vertical, and focus functions of the lamp source.

Color System

Color mixing system: full WS unlimited color mixing system, main with pure warm white/pure cold white/ warm white colors.

Color temp.: 2,5006,000K, one-key color temperature adjustment, can meet the lighting engineer's needs for stage lighting in time.

Color rendering index: Ra≥90.

Special function: Built-in a variety of lighting effect programs, which can be run randomly or soundly without the console.

Dimming System

Strobe: high-speed electronic adjustment strobe up to 1-25 times / second or random strobe.

Dimming:0-100% linear dimming, can control the light and dark changes and open and close lights of 4 main colors at the same time.

Cooling System

Material:high-quality aluminum material, good cooling effect and light weight.

Built-in a silent cooling fan, intelligently controlled, heat dissipation is

intelligently controlled according to the use status and requirements of the light

beads to ensure that the entire light’s body is always maintained in the

predetermined temperature range.

Heat dissipation protection: Built-in overheating protection, the fan automatically

tracks the temperature and intelligently adjusts, so that the parts of the lamp are

kept in a lower temperature environment, which can extend the service life.

Rotation System

X/Y motors: All are driven by three-phase motors, powerful&faster, more stable and 

quieter. XY positioning: using encoder and Hall positioning at the same time,

advanced scanning position memory function, making the step angle smaller,

positioning more accurate, absolute position memory, DMX offline power-off

position recovery or maintenance, accidental misoperation can be automatically

resolved Cable correction, with strong enough anti-interference ability.

X-axis : 540°, 16/32bit, accuracy 2.62°/step, fine-tuning 0.018°, rotation:1.8 sec.

Y-axis: 260°, 16/32bit, accuracy 2.12°/step, fine-tuning 0.016°, rotation: 1 sec. 

Size and weight:

body size: 27X34X50.5 cm,  NW: 14.3 (KG)

Carton size: XX×XX×XX cm,  GW: XX (KG)

2 in 1 Flight case: XX×XX×XX cm  GW: XX (KG)

Light Design:

Sheet metal design: in accordance with international standards, the integration of DAGE a strong design strength, the use of new high-quality materials to create, with independent lamp body design patents.

Lamp body design power and signal lines hand in hand.

Shell design: user-friendly multi-sets of module structure, using streamlined ABS flame-retardant high temperature engineering plastics and high-strength alloy cold forming core material, beautiful and tough, with its own lamp body and design patents,

counterfeiting will be investigated.

Size and weight:

body size: 27X34X50.5 cm,  NW: 14.3 (KG)

Carton size: XX×XX×XX cm,  GW: XX (KG)

2 in 1 Flight case: XX×XX×XX cm  GW: XX (KG)

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