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LED Par Light Series

(Devastator) AD-2006(200w COB Surface light)

This product is belongs to Dage Lighting: R&D and Appearance design patents, any infringement and counterfeiting will be investigated ★

Product description:

200W surface light Devastator: is a high-performance, long-life, high-brightness LED+COB surface light, which combines high-quality materials and Dage's exquisite design technology; using constant current circuit boards and full power 250W, 40V and 12V special supply voltage, dimming without flicker or jitter; power cord and signal line hand in hand (1.5 meters) and double handle design; full, uniform, bright and superior dyeing effect is the first choice of lighting designers.

1. Inheriting Dage lighting: 15 years of professional quality attainments, with rich and superior hardware facilities and production technology, to implement global quality standards and strict quality control system, so that the performance and quality of "Devastator" are consistent , Unique charm, never ending.

2. 2. Dage Lighting: With strong R&D capabilities + production strength, we will present you the most exquisite "Devastator", focusing on creating mid-to-high-end performances for you.

3. 3. Your choice and your satisfaction are the best research and development power of Dage Lighting.

Power Systems:

Rated power: 250W,

Voltage/frequency: AC110-240V/50-60HZ

Control System:

Control protocol: International standard DMX512 control protocol.

Control channels: 6 channels.

Control mode: DMX mode, random mode, auto mode, and voice control mode, which can be freely selected.

Optical system:

Light source brand: using high-quality, high-brightness brand LED light source

Light source power: LED 200W, respectively: 100W warm white +100W cold white.

Beam angle: optical reflector, standard 50°

Color system:

Color mixing effect: uniform W+Y non-polar color temperature mixing system,

Special function: Built-in a variety of lighting effect programs, which can be separated from the console, and the sound control runs synchronously.

Dimming system:

1. Strobe: high-speed electronically adjustable strobe up to 1-25 times per second or random strobe

2. Dimming: The total dimming channel can simultaneously control the light and dark changes and closed the light of the 2 main colors at the same time

Cooling system:

Environment temperature: -10℃—60℃

lighting design:

1. Internal design: In accordance with international standards, it integrates the powerful design strength of Dage Lighting, is made of new high-quality materials, and has independent lamp body design patents. Counterfeiting must be investigated.

2. Appearance design: Humanized multi-module structure, using high-quality and high-strength cooling forming die-cast aluminum alloy core material structure, with independent appearance design patent, counterfeiting must be investigated.

Remarks: We do our best to provide you with accurate and comprehensive product information. Product design specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the actual product for details. Dage Lighting reserves the right of final interpretation.


Carton 1 in 1: XXX*XXX*XXX (mm)             G.W.: XXX kg 

Flight case 8 in 1: XXX*XXX*XXX (mm)      G.W.: XXX kg

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