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LED Par Light Series

DA-1208(12X20W) LED Par Light (Devastator)

This product is belongs to Dage Lighting: R&D and Appearance design patents, any infringement and counterfeiting will be investigated

Product description:

12X20W Devastator: is a high-performance, high-integration, long-life, high-effect, high-brightness LED full-color par light, which combines high-quality materials and high-tech design technology; using constant current circuit boards and full power 250W, 24V and 12V Specially supplied voltage, dimming without flicker or jitter; power cord and signal cord are hand in hand (1.5 meters) design, with double handle in the fixture; full, uniform, superior dyeing effect, it is the first choice for the lighting engineer!

1. Inheriting Dage Lighting: 14 years of professional quality attainments, with rich and superior hardware facilities and production technology, to implement global quality standards and strict quality control system, so that the performance and quality of "Devastator" are consistent , Unique charm, never ending.

2. Dage Lighting: With strong R&D capabilities + production strength, we will present you the most exquisite "Devastator", focusing on creating mid-to-high-end performances for you.

3. Your choice and your satisfaction are the best research and development power of Dage Lighting.

Power system:

Rated power: 250w, power fluctuations (± 50W) works normally

Voltage: AC90-260V/50-60HZ

Using high-tech constant current power board, first-class brand PCB components, AC voltage mode

Ground wiring in accordance with international standards1.5m power line and signal line, antifreeze, in line with CE / GB7000.15-2000 and CE20 / 22 standard

Control System:

International standard DMX512 control

8 control channels

Software upgrade: update software through DMX connection.

DMX, random, auto, voice mode

Using high-tech constant current board, 24V / 12V voltage

Optical system:

LED lamp source

Lamp power: 12x20w RGBW full color

15°Beam angle

Color system:

Uniform RGBW color mixing

Special lighting effect built-in function, can work with Sound control together

Dimming system:

Strobe: 1-25 flash/second

Dimmer: 4 colors can be controlled together by dimmer

Cooling system:

Working temperature: -10℃ - 60℃

Cooling protection: superior quality thermal quiet fan ensure the good working and long life

Lighting design:

Superior quality aluminum structure

Unique design by DAGE 

Remarks: We do our best to provide you with accurate and comprehensive product information. Product design specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the actual product for details. Dage Lighting reserves the right of final interpretation.

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